A simple TWINE game(?) simulating the life of a very lazy person.

A self-parody game, if you will.

(AKA me teaching myself TWINE without being arsed to make up an actual game first.)

Yes, most of it is based on me.  No, not all of it is.

Made withTwine
TagsComedy, Short, Twine
Average sessionAbout a half-hour
AccessibilityHigh-contrast, One button


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also, how did you change the theme color of the twine story, i couldn't figure that out.

I didn't; that's just the way it came out for some reason.  Actually, I wanted to change the color scheme, because I usually find white-on-black hard to read, but I figured that would be too much effort for a low effort game.  ;P  I plan on learning how to change the color scheme, though, because I'm planning on putting out a high(er) effort game for Yuri Jam and I want to be able to pick my colors for that.  And probably do some nifty stuff like a title splash and little graphical bits here and there.

I just found out how to do it!  :)  There are instructions here:  https://twinery.org/wiki/twine2:change_the_font_colors_or_appearance


I like the part about leanrinig 3d modeling. IT TOOK ME FOREVER TO LEARN AUTODESK. also why is this in the low effort game jam, if you want to see a really low effort twine, here ya go.


LOL, yeah, that was definitely lower effort than mine.  For me, this felt like very low effort, though.  (I tend to overwork everything I do, despite being a lazy person.  I think it's my way of avoiding the things I'm actually supposed to be doing, like cleaning my house.)

I know what you mean.

Twine. Respected.