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You are the night clerk at a very unpopular love motel, and tonight should be just like any other night.


The evening clerk is being fired as you arrive for work because she put one of those dancing flowers on the reception desk.  She seems to have left it behind in the break room when she left...

...or did she?

There seem to be more of them than there really ought to be...



A very short experience that straddles the line between a visual novel and a kinetic novel.  (Though it's more like the latter than the former, really...)  Under 3,000 words.

It has no music, only sound effects, but I had to classify the sound effects as music, because sound effects don't loop.

Content warnings:

None, really.  It's surprisingly tame for something a) written by me and b) intended to be slightly spooky.

The font may cause some issues, though.


NightOfTheDancingFlowers-1.0-pc.zip 272 MB
NightOfTheDancingFlowers-1.0-mac.zip 254 MB

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Nice game! Just the right amount of creepy!