It took Agamemnon ten years to tear down the walls of Troy, and he lost many of his best warriors in the process.

         Can you do better?

         (Spoiler alert: yes, you can. If you make the right choices. You can also do worse. Much worse. Like, you can--no, I'll let you find out for yourself just how much worse things can go.)

         You can save those who were fated to die, or you can get killed those who were fated to survive. It all depends on your decisions.

         Now including a Glossary!!  Also, you can play in browser without downloading!  And I fixed a lot of errors in the ending, hopefully all (or at least most) of them.  (The original game jam version is still available for download if you want to check out the brokenness.) EDIT - For some reason, the image of Achilleus is not loading in the browser when I check it on  I'm hoping it's related to the same problem that caused the screenshots not to show up earlier, because it's not a coding thing, and the jpg is indeed present in the zip file.  Hopefully, this is only affecting me, but just in case I thought I would mention it.

EDIT--Should have mentioned this when I first posted the game, but this is only the second game I've made, so please bear that in mind when you come across the game's many failings.  Also, I'm not sure how well the save function works, because I don't understand the coding involved and simply copy-pasted it from the instructions I found online.  (I think your browser cache should remember your place even without a save, so long as you don't empty the cache, though...)

Content warnings:

Ancient art of male genitalia, ancient art of breasts, low-level textual descriptions of the horror of war, including regular violence, the occasional conceptually grotesque act of violence, non-ethnic slavery, rape, infrequent references to incest, and period-typical mockery of the younger (and therefore perceived as passive) partner in a same sex relationship.  (Basically, all the stuff you always encounter in Greek mythology...only sometimes a  bit more blunt/open about things.)

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GenreInteractive Fiction
Made withTwine
Tagsmythology, Text based, Twine, War
Average sessionAbout an hour


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I know absolutely nothing about these characters or Greek history, so on my first playthrough I dumb luck-ed my way into killing the same guy as Agamemnon, then preventing the war entirely. Yay? I'm definitely gonna keep at it, see how much more there is to do. (Related: this makes me want to read the Iliad.)

I adore the visual design and writing in this. There's clearly a lot of effort put into both, and they work well together.

Also, I think you should be less harsh with yourself. There's a lot in this. I'm pretty sure that the how-to for this game is longer than my submission's entire script. This is excellent work, and you did great.