This is only Chapter One--the demo, essentially--of a full, novel-length story, and the full version is now out!  As it also contains corrections and updates to the text of this chapter (and is free, the same as this chapter is), please experience the full-length version, Scions of Troy, rather than this version.


Born into slavery on the island of Lesbos shortly after the end of the Trojan War, cousins Atalanta and Ariadne have nothing and no one but each other.  But as their master receives two guests, rumors begin to spread that he may give the girls away to the guests, separating them forever...

This is an adaptation of the first chapter of a novel I wrote some six years ago, though it has been heavily expanded since its original version.  You could in some respects consider it a demo for the adaptation of the full novel.   (That being said, however, it should stand on its own, as it does come to a (hopefully satisfying) resolution.)  And although I am submitting this for Yuri Jam 2020, please note that it is not romantic  in nature:  both girls are on the greater LGBTQ+ spectrum (not that any of the associated terms had been invented yet in their day) and a heavy focus of the game is on their relationship with each other.

Having learned from my past game, this one comes with a glossary so you can look up any of the minor mythological characters and/or archaeological concepts that I mention in passing in the course of the narrative! :D 

Content warnings:

Non-ethnic slavery, mentions of past physical abuse, implications of possible non-consensual sex (for characters other than our heroines), period-typical castration and attitudes towards same...and probably a lot of other things, too, as the Late Bronze Age was not a pleasant place.  (Nor was the Greek Heroic Age, and this is sort of a fusion between the real LBA and the mythical one...)

GenreInteractive Fiction
Made withTwine
Tagsmythology, Twine
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Classic historical fantasy writing style!  I felt like I was back in the 1990's reading Jane Yolen or Guy Kay :)

I liked the color scheme and use of real-world art assets.  Including a glossary is a cool idea, too.  Only thing that stumped me was that I found it hard to spot the small text against the colorful background on the "The Kinswomen" page.